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In early October I was lucky enough to photograph little 5 week old Dakota. Back in August I photographed Rachel in the final few weeks of her pregnancy before Dakota arrived. This week that shoot was featured on b.loved blog, if you missed it you can see it here. Now I want to share this newborn shoot with you all.

Any parents reading this I’m sure you will remember how precious those first few weeks are. That new baby smell. The super soft silky skin. The teeny tiny vests and baby grows. Newborn shoots are such an honour to photograph. I love them.

If you are pregnant and considering a new born shoot please do get in touch here. In the mean time enjoy little Dakota…..


Photos shot on Canon 1V using Portra 400

Developed and Scanned by UK Film Lab.

Thanks for reading. See you soon

Renata x 






A bit about me…..

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Welcome to my first ever blog entry! If you are reading this you either have an interest in Fine Art photography, have seen my photos on Facebook and want to see more, or are one of my long suffering friends whom I have pestered to read my blog. Either way, welcome!

I’ll start with a bit about me……I love anything with a floral pattern. My favourite colour is duck-egg blue and my house is a duck-egg blue shrine. My husband loves restoring old furniture which is handy as I adore everything shabby chic. I love tapas, wine, carrot cake, caramel lattes, in fact I’m a bit of a foodie. I’m a mummy to 10 month old twin boys who keep me very busy.I was born in Yorkshire, grew up in Devon, and have lived in Wiltshire for the past 9 years. I love the countryside, the seaside, and shopping in quirky little towns.


As many of you know I LOVE photography, both on a personal and professional level. For the past 5 years I have taught Photography at a secondary school in Swindon, and I absolutely love sharing my passion for the arts with others. There is nothing more satisfying than introducing a student to an artist or photographer’s work and seeing the inspiration it gives them, or showing students how to develop their own photos in the darkroom, that magical moment when the image appears on the photographic paper. Priceless. However since being on maternity leave I have reignited my own passion for taking photos and have picked up a film camera for the first time since college- showing students how to load film into a camera doesn’t count! I am in LOVE with film photography, the reasons why I will explain in a later post, but for now I will just say that it is truly beautiful.

This year I have taken the decision to launch Renata Fry Photography alongside teaching, being a mummy and a wife. It is something that I am super excited about hope you will be too. I plan to document the building of my business through this blog with the aim to maybe help or inspire other ‘creatives’ like myself who are toying with the idea of starting their own business from scratch.


I want to keep this entry short, but please come back soon and I will tell you a bit more about myself and my love for shooting film. I want to end this blog entry by saying a massive “thankyou” to two people. First of all to my friend Charlie of CKB Photography who has inspired me to do this as well as being really, really helpful- her blog is awesome too. Sometimes a girl needs a little push in the right direction, as well as some words of encouragement!! Secondly to my wonderful husband Scott who is supporting me 100% in my new venture. Thank you.

Thanks for reading, see you again soon

Renata x







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