Dawn and Mike’s Cotswold Wedding

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There are loads of things I love about Dawn and Mike’s wedding. The cute little page boys in their bow ties and Converse trainers, the ‘first look’ photos of the bridemaids seeing Dawn in her dress for the first time, the soft pastel colour scheme, the stunning Cotswold Hotel and Spa and the FUNNIEST best man’s speech ever!

Congratulations Dawn and Mike xx
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Baby Leo (not a skateboard in sight!)

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 A few months ago I was invited to photograph baby Leo at his home. It was a gorgeous sunny day as I drove along the coastal road to Anna and Bob’s home; a light filled house with seaside coloured décor and views overlooking the River Teign estuary.


And it really was.

I frequently look on Pinterest and other sites for ideas for my photography as I sometimes feel that I’m not being creative enough. There is so much competition in this industry and I started to doubt myself.

This photographer is doing this, that photographer is doing that…..

Am I being creative enough? Should I buy some props to take on shoots?

The other day I found a photo online of a new born baby on a skateboard.

Yes you read that right. A SKATEBOARD! And another was on a motorbike (apparently the dad was supporting the bike)

It just baffles me how people feel the need to introduce all sorts of bizarre props when right there in front of you is the most BEAUTIFUL baby, their legs curled up, their tiny little fingers and toes. Their perfectly soft hair. And complete overwhelming LOVE that is right before your eyes. And I decided that is enough for me.

And it was more than enough that day. It was amazing; the light flooded into the house, perfect for shooting with film. We didn’t need any baskets, watering cans, skateboards or motorbikes(!) to make this shoot an absolute pleasure to be part of. Thank you so much Anna, Bob, big sister Sophie and baby Leo for reaffirming my belief that all you need is LOVE xxxx

new born photgraphy Devonnew born photgraphy Devonnew born photgraphy Devonnew born photgraphy Devonnew born photgraphy Devonnew born photgraphy Devon2015-06-23_0032.jpgnew born photgraphy Devonnew born photgraphy Devonnew born photgraphy Devonnew born photgraphy Devon

In the studio with Beau Tie

Are you currently planning your wedding and want something a bit different for your groom? Or perhaps you are a guest at an upcoming wedding and looking for something dapper for your man to wear? Look no further…

Beau TieBeau Tie

 A few months ago I was lucky enough to visit the studio of British designer Emma Phipps of Beau Tie, who specialises in making men’s accessories (bow ties, pocket squares and skinny ties) hair bows and women’s bow ties. Emma’s products are lovingly handmade from carefully sourced fabric including vintage and recycled material. The “English Gentleman” image is what inspired Emma to start her company. Many of Emma’s customers are grooms looking for something a bit different for their wedding day.

Beau Tie Beau Tie

 Nowadays grooms are taking more of an interest in what they want to wear on their special day, and as a wedding photographer I am seeing more and more grooms teaming their outfit with quirky accessories. Over the past year I have photographed cute bow ties, pocket squares with maps printed on them, brightly coloured bird cufflinks and vintage Ted Baker shoes. Men love to accessorise just as much as us girls! Hand made is HUGELY popular right now and the last few years have seen websites like Etsy grow in popularity as brides and grooms want something bespoke for their special day.

2015-01-10_0015.jpgBeau Tie

 If you are a bride or groom looking for something a bit different then check out the cute bow ties, skinny ties and pocket squares. Emma also makes hair bows for women, perhaps ‘his n hers’ matching bow ties would make a quirky addition for your evening outfit?

I fell in love with Emma’s studio as soon as I walked in. I had a sudden urge to dig my sewing machine out as soon as I got home and start sewing! Hundreds of pieces of coloured fabric are organised in harmonising colour order on shelves, mannequins have skinny ties draped around them, a vintage sewing machine sits near the window and a map of the world, complete with pins in the countries Emma has sold to, adorns the wall.

Beau Tie

After seeing the fantastic quality of the bowties first hand I put a request in for two little matching bow ties for my twin boys! As Emma worked on her machine and I snapped away on my Canon 1V, we got chatting about her business:

1. When and why did you start up your own business?

I started making the initial plans and setting up in October 2012 so I’ve just gone into my third year (which is crazy!). I studied fashion with business at Portsmouth University and, after graduating, worked in a few retail jobs. But I knew my passion was to run my very own business so I started looking into ideas and making plans. I’d always been into men’s fashion, particularly the well-dressed gentleman, so it was a logical step for me to create products that could enhance that look. I began working hard on my days off and evenings after work to really build it up. It didn’t take long for me to realise that if I wanted to put my whole heart and soul into it, I would need to put more time in, so in July 2013 I took the plunge to become full-time self-employed, and I’ve never looked back!

Beau Tie

Beau TieBeau Tie

2. Who is your target customer?

My main customer base is brides (and sometimes grooms) looking for their ideal groomsmen accessories to help them look super dapper! I often get custom requests and work with the customer to help create something original for that special day.


3. What are the benefits of running your own business?

There are many benefits to being your own boss! You can be flexible with your days/weeks, work to your own deadlines and run with your decisions without having to check with others. You are in control of your own time which sounds (and sometimes is) very daunting, but it’s a very powerful feeling too! You become a bit of a one man band so you have to be super motivated, organised, work incredibly hard and time management is key, but I’ve learnt so much and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


4. What advice would you give to grooms when planning their wedding attire?

Good suit, good shoes and good hair, followed by attention to detail with your accessories- don’t be afraid of prints, and colour! I love the inspiring ideas my customers come up with, and it’s so rewarding when I get to see the final results being worn in their wedding photos!


All images are shot on Kodak Portra 400

Beau Tie’s online shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BeauBowTies











Calling all coffee lovers….

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On my days off there is nothing I love more than enjoying a good cup of coffee (or caramel latte!) and a cake, preferably in a quaint little coffee shop. The other week I found myself with an unexpected hour to myself, which is very rare! Basically I had planned to take some A Level students to an exhibition at a local gallery but it was closed, so I sent the girls off to take photos and sketch in the local park and I had time to myself before picking my twin boys up. So I enjoyed some “me time” in a recently opened coffee shop and I wanted to share my experience there with you all.

If you live in Wiltshire, have little children and LOVE coffee and cake then this amazing little place will cater for all your needs.

Baila has recently opened on Victoria Road in Old Town, Swindon. It is a quirky coffee shop that offers homemade treats, has a section selling vinyl and upstairs is the ‘Little Lounge’; a miniature version of the cafe for children. A perfect combination for parents who love coffee. They sell a range of baked treats including flapjacks, cakes and brownies. I opted for the Mars Bar brownie and it was delicious, washed down with my usual latte. Whilst there I couldn’t resist taking a few pics with my film camera. I have been back with my boys a couple of times and they have enjoyed playing in the ‘Baby Baila’. You will love this place, it is definitely worth a visit…



The brownies are delicious! I’ve seen Mars Bar, Toblerone, Jaffa Cake and Dime Bar brownies on offer!!



Upstairs there is a comfy seating area for parents whilst your little ones play in the Baby Baila play area complete with mini till and coffee shop counter.



 Here is an iPhone pic of my boys enjoying themselves in the Baby Baila.


 All film photos were taken on a Canon 1V using Portra 400. Developed and scanned by UK Film Lab.

Thanks for reading

Renata x













Shaldon, Devon

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This summer we spent a week in Shaldon, a pretty little village sat on the mouth of the River Teign opposite Teignmouth. We explored the quaint little streets, sampled some delicious locally caught seafood, ate ice creams and wandered along the beach. Here are a few photos shot on Kodak Portra 400 of our holiday. Enjoy! x
 Shaldon beach, DevonShaldon beach, DevonShaldon beach, Devon

2014-09-14_0003.jpg2014-09-14_0004.jpgTeignmouth beach, DevonShaldon beach, DevonShaldon beach, Devon2014-09-14_0011.jpg2014-09-14_0012.jpg2014-09-14_0015.jpgShaldon beach, DevonRiver Teign












No. 10 Tea Gardens

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A few months ago I found out that an old school friend had relocated from Devon to Wiltshire and opened a tearooms on the side of the Kennet and Avon canal. Sensing an opportunity for a catch up and slice of cake, we packed the twins in the car and headed off to Bradford-on-Avon. My husband and I love spending our days off work having family days out in the country and we were not disappointed when we arrived as the location is just stunning. No.10 Tea Gardens overlook the Avoncliff viaduct, where the Kennet and Avon canal crosses the River Avon. It is surrounded by rolling countryside, quaint country pubs and a constant stream of narrow boats cruising by.

No 10 Tea Gardens

No 10 Tea Gardens

No 10 Tea Gardens

No 10 Tea Gardens

We ordered some sandwiches for lunch and enjoyed the view as I spoke to Sarah, the owner, about her complete career and lifestyle change and future plans for the tearooms.

 “I just considered it a dream in the distant that would never happen”


“The idea began in a little quaint cafe in Bristol. Euan and I were being naughty and having a fried breakfast and discussing my career path as I had told him that I wanted to leave the Police. It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, not where I saw myself long term and we were also discussing living together. Euan asked me ‘is a cafe or small business anything you’d ever considered because I have wanted to invest in a small business for some time now’. I nearly choked on my brew because for years I had always wanted to own my own tea rooms and bake to my hearts content. I love tea rooms and love baking but don’t have the business mind to even think where to begin so had never pursued the idea. Just considered it a dream in the distant that would never happen. However, a business mind is something Euan definitely has and he was well up for the venture with me. I couldn’t believe it, not only had I found Euan we were making my dream come true!”

No 10 Tea Gardens


No 10 Tea Gardens

No 10 Tea Gardens

No 10 Tea Gardens

He got straight on the internet and found the Avoncliff house and tea rooms for sale. It seemed too good to be true but we drove out and saw the place and fell in love with it and the area.”

“it has been highly stressful at times but I am doing what I love to do in a beautiful place”


“We moved in at the end of April and opened on the first May bank holiday and it has been non stop since. It has been an enormous learning curve for me to say the least! Going from a desk job in the Police to running your own business in the catering industry couldn’t be much different and I’d be lying if I didn’t resemble a rabbit in headlights at times but I have tackled each issue without any major disaster.”

“From buying the stock to making everything (sandwiches, quiches and all cakes and scones) accounts, banking, paperwork, employment of people, publicity, and the continuous maintenance of things as well as learning the role myself, it has been highly stressful at times but I am so far achieving running the business on my own and have continuous positive feedback of the improvements/changes I have made and how good the food and cakes taste and I am also doing what I love to do in a beautiful place.”






“I honestly couldn’t of achieved so much in a relatively short time frame without the assistance and continuous support from Euan and my family and close friends. I think it would of been a different story had I not of had that. I can not thank them enough.”

“Plans for the future is a possible extension on the building for more inside space as this is currently limited and to rearrange the lay out of the inside space i.e. Move the kitchen to the back and have a bigger counter space. Replace all crockery for new design, landscaping of the main garden to make the seating area larger and to improve the look of the garden space. Lots of vibrant flowers, a red phone box (to continue the British/London theme) where wifi will be available and some giant garden games. Beyond that I am not sure, perhaps own another tea rooms somewhere maybe. I would however like to purchase a dog by next March to be my tea gardens companion.”

On leaving No. 10 Tea Gardens I was in complete admiration for Sarah for leaving her ‘desk job’ and having the guts to follow her dream. I hope that after reading this you too are inspired and maybe that ‘thing’ you have always dreamed of doing may too become a reality!

You can find out more about No.10 Tea Gardens on Facebook and Twitter here and here. All photos shot on Kodak Gold and developed and scanned by UK Film lab.